7 Things I Want To See In 2014

1.      Regular, everyday femme-y clothes that are made for DMAB people’s bodies available for sale somewhere

I would really like to be able to buy my partner everyday clothes that I know are made to fit and look good on their body in styles that they like.

2.      Information available about sexual/reproductive health that is written and intended for people with non-binary genders

I would like to be able to find information about the health and function of my reproductive organs and my options for birth control/sterilization that do not assume that I am female, having sex with men and want children, or that I’m happy and comfortable with the anatomy that I’ve got.

3.      More gender neutral public restrooms

Quite a few of the independent restaurants and coffee shops in my town have gender neutral bathrooms, but I’d love to see this become a more common practice.

4.      More mainstream acceptance of gender neutral pronouns

I would like to see articles about genderqueer and non-binary people where our preferred pronouns are not in quotation marks when they are used throughout the article. I’d like to reasonably be able to expect people to refer to me by my preferred pronouns without lecturing me about English grammar first.

5.      Better medical access and legal protections for trans* people in the South

After my partner’s experience trying to find a doctor who would prescribe them hormones in our state I’m really kind of irritated by how difficult it is to access proper medical care as a trans* person in the South. For example, the current WPATH standards of care state that hormones should be prescribed on an informed consent model, however where I live most doctors still want a letter from a therapist before they will prescribe hormones, if they’ll even agree to see you at all.

It is also still completely legal to fire or not hire someone because they are trans* in the state where I live which can make finding and keeping employment here anything from uncomfortable to impossible.

6.      All my favorite trans folks at the Philly Trans Health Conference

I’m really excited for the Philly Trans Health Conference this year and I hope to see all of my friends who don’t live nearby at the conference this year, especially those who couldn’t make it last year!

7.      A more vengeful Transgender Day of Remembrance

For the 2014 TDOR I’d like to see a little less hopelessness and mourning and a little more anger and outrage. I’d like to see a little more energy put toward fighting to protect the living and demanding that violence against transgender people end. I’d like to see people plan marches and rallies demanding justice and safety for trans* people rather than just solemn candlelight vigils remembering their deaths.