This Mongrel Land is a blog focusing on the experiences and struggles of non-binary identified trans* people as well as general issues privilege and oppression. This blog was born out of  rivercitymongrel’s desire to see a wider variety of non-binary perspectives and experiences presented in the online trans community. For them, as for many people, the internet was a primary resource for information about gender, but they found the online trans* community somewhat lacking in personal narratives from non-binary individuals and so sought to add their own to the collection.

As an anarchist, and as a person in general, rivercitymongrel has a penchant for being rather mouthy, very political and somewhat militant and may stray a bit from their original intent of providing personal narratives to wade into the political fray surrounding broader issues, but promises to always return to their original goal of recounting their personal experience as a non-binary trans person attempting to navigate a binary gendered world.


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