Introducing Rainbows At Play!

Rainbows at Play is a community for families of gender variant children to help them connect with one another and find playmates for their children. If you are raising a gender non-conforming child you should definitely check it out!

Raising My Rainbow

It all started years ago when we went looking for other families like our own — families raising gender bending boys who like wearing skirts and playing with dolls.


We came up with nothing…until we found each other.  Every day we are grateful for the relationships that have developed between our families.  We’ve always been aware that we have it good and, now, we are giddy as hell to help other families connect.

This blog post marks the official launch of Rainbows At Play.  Rainbows At Play is an online community that connects families raising gender nonconforming kids so they can playdate and find fierceness in numbers.


Here’s how to join:

  1. You must be a primary caregiver of a differently gendered child.  (If you are not raising a child, please don’t join the community.  Help us keep Rainbows At Play kiddos and families safe by only joining if you…

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Non-Binary Visibility Update

FB temp

1. Facebook changed their gender options! You can now select ‘custom’ gender and then choose from approximately 55 options and set your preferred pronoun!

2. Do y’all remember that children’s book I posted about way back when I started this blog? Well, Meet Polkadot! The book has finally been published and is now available for purchase.

3. There’s also this documentary about non-binary trans* people titled We Exist set to go into post production in March of 2014 that I’m very interested in seeing when it comes out.