My partner has been trying to get on HRT for something like a month and a half to two months now. Its been a pretty unpleasant process consisting mostly of long phone calls to unhelpful and/or uninformed doctors, clinics and receptionists. As I’ve mentioned before, there are very few doctors offices or clinics in our state that work with trans* people and as it turns out most of them want you to have a recommendation from someone else.

Endocrinologists want you to have a general practitioner who referred you to them or a letter from a therapist, sometimes both. My partner doesn’t have a general practitioner, they haven’t seen a doctor in years and we couldn’t find any info on general practitioners who are trans* friendly. The only therapist who was recommended to them said that he would want to see my partner for 3 to 4 months before he would write a letter for HRT for them. The nearest recommended endocrinologist is trans* friendly, but his staff is not, so it was recommended that my partner lie about wanting to see the doctor for a “hormone imbalance”. These are only examples of some of the more helpful people my partner talked to.

But there is good news…

Yesterday my partner went up to Washington D.C. for a preliminary screening at an LGBT health clinic that prescribes hormones using the informed consent model. They will have to go back twice more, once to get a medical screening to make sure that they don’t have any health issues that would make HRT dangerous and to get some blood work done. Then the will have to go back again after that to get the results of the blood work. If everything looks good they will be given a prescription for Estrogen that day. Needless to say, after all of the roadblocks they’ve encountered trying to get hormones here in our state my partner is pretty excited.


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