LGBT Psychiatry Clinic: Hello, we’re returning your call.

My Partner: Hi! I’m calling… Um, well, because I want to start on hormone replacement therapy. I’m a trans person!

LGBT Psychiatry Clinic: Okay, and what can we do for you?

My Partner: Well, I’ll take whatever you can do to get me started on that.

LGBT Psychiatry Clinic: ….

My Partner: I guess… Ideally I’d like to begin an estrogen regimen, you know, with regular check-ins. I was recommended to call here by Dr. XXXXXXX.

LGBT Psychiatry Clinic: Is she your primary care physician?

My Partner: No. I don’t have a doctor.

LGBT Psychiatry Clinic: So how can I help you?

My Partner: Wait, I’m sorry. Is this the MCV LGBT Psychiatry Clinic?

LGBT Psychiatry Clinic: Yes it is.

My Partner: Oh. Well… As I understand it, the first thing I would need to get a prescription would be a letter from a psychiatrist or counselor..?

LGBT Psychiatry Clinic: ….

My Partner: Is that something that you do here?

LGBT Psychiatry Clinic: No, we don’t provide evaluations for sexual reassignment or hormone replacement treatments.

My Partner: Oh. Sooo… Why is there a letter T in your LGBT?

LGBT Psychiatry Clinic: If you’re experiencing any anxiety or depression relating to your sexuality, we have counselors who will see you for that.

My Partner: ….

My Partner: Now that you mention it.


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