So Much More Than Marriage

I’m really feeling this post and Trans*forming mom definitely does a better job of enumerating the issues we face as residents of southern states, than I do. Though I guess, for me, its less about DOMA specifically and more about how people who live in safer, more liberal states don’t understand that basic health and safety and access to medical care are still really pressing and largely unaddressed concerns for the rest of us. Like, not having a ¬†federal ban on gay marriage is great and all, I guess, but it doesn’t mean anything when your state isn’t gonna legalize gay marriage anytime soon, so its kinda hard to see it as a victory.

Its also hard not to be bitter about the fact that the mainstream gay rights movement is more concerned with fighting for the right to get married, than it is with fighting for protection from workplace harrassment and discrimination, or fighting barriers to access to necessary medical care for trans* people. If marriage is your #1 goal for this movement then you need to re-evaluate your priorities. Fighting for the safety of queer people all over this country should take precidence over gay weddings.


2 thoughts on “So Much More Than Marriage

  1. Have you seen the letter that Autumn Sandeen wrote about the things HRC has been doing behind the scenes lately on behalf of transgender folks? I respect Autumn, but i have to admit that i read it sort of rolling my eyes, and every time someone shares it the first thing that comes to mind is “Yeah, right.” We don’t have anything close to marriage equality yet and i’m sure they are not giving up putting time, effort, and lots of money into that fight.

    I realize i am coming from a place of immense privilege when i say this, being legally married myself, but i have come to view the entire institution of marriage as an outdated form of inequality. I think the whole thing should be dismantled rather than us continuing the argument over who is “legitimate” to be included. But then i also think we should stop gendering people at birth and not have a sex listed on legal documents and whole bunch of other things that most people don’t wanna hear! =)

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Right there with you on the dismantling of the institution of marriage, and all that other stuff you mentioned.

      But no, I haven’t seen Autumn Sandeen’s letter and from the way you describe it I’m not sure I want to. haha


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