What’s Wrong With the Term ‘Person of Color’

reblogged from Black Girl Dangerous

by Janani

Identifying as a person of color in solidarity with other people of color says ‘hey, my people have been oppressed by White people, maybe in a different time and space than your people, but we can work in solidarity.’  The identification needs to carry some degree of humility, and a deeper commitment to allyship .  The POC umbrella is not an excuse to disavow the ways we benefit from various racial structures and sit idly by as our communities reap advantages from racism towards other people of color.

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My Thoughts:

I’m white. and I don’t believe that, as a white person, it’s my place to critique critical race theory. In fact, I feel a little bit uncertain even reblogging this, and its a pretty gentle critique.

But anyway, I’m reblogging this because, first of all, I read it and thought it was really intelligent and insightful and that the author is brilliant.

Secondly, because I hear a lot of white people toss around the term “POC” as though all people of color have the same experiences and face the exact same oppressions and microaggressions, which is kinda racist. So, I think it’s important for white people, especially white people who consider themselves to be radical/politicized/anti-racist allies to read things that remind them that people of color do not have a single, monolithic experience.


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