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This 3-part series dissects all aspects of a hysterectomy, specifically covering the needs and questions of transpeople who are interested in the procedure.

In the first article, we covered What is a Hysterectomy. In this article we’ll go a bit more in-depth about the pro’s and con’s of having one versus not, and address some common misconceptions.

Why Get a Hysterectomy

First of all, your body is your body. This is a very personal choice with lots of factors to consider. Unless it is medically necessary, do it only if you want to.

Moreover, your body is your business. It’s not something you should be pressured into doing. Nobody sees your internal organs, nobody knows whether you have them or you don’t.

Reasons to Get a Hysterectomy

  • Some trans people simply feel icky knowing certain parts are in there. This can be a very affirming surgery gender-wise. In some…

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