HB 1989: Reform of the Earned Sentence Credits system Virginia uses in place of parole for people incarcerated for felonies.

Corrections; parole; earned sentence credits. Allows a maximum of 15 sentence credits to be earned for each 30 days served for non-violent prisoners under the abolition of parole law (post January 1, 1995). Amends § 53.1-202.3, of the Code of Virginia

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*Also, here is a personal statement from the person who got the bill sponsored and introduced.*

If you live in Virginia this bill is really important. It would serve to increase the number of sentence credits that incarcerated people can earn from 4.5 days out of every 30 days to 15 days out of every 30.

In other words, this would mean that people that were incarcerated for a non-violent felony could be released after serving no less than 50% of their sentence. It is currently required that felons serve no less than 85% of their total sentence, and the toll this takes on these people, their families, their friends, their careers, their communities and the Virginian economy is enormous. It does not mean that ALL would be released at 50% of their total sentence, but only that they could be, which is a MAJOR change.

Please, if you live in Virginia call one or more of the committee members listed below and let them know you support this bill. If you do not live in Virginia a signal boost would still be GREATLY appreciated!

phone numbers of the members….Chair: Del. Scott Lingamfelter (R-Woodbridge): 804-698-1031
Del. Ben Cline (R-Amherst): 804-698-1024
Del. James Edmunds (R-South Boston): 804-698-1060
Del. Matt Fariss (R-Rustburg): 804-698-1059
Del. Eileen Filler-Corn (D-Fairfax Station): 804-698-1041
Del. Todd Gilbert (R-Woodstock): 804-698-1015
Del. Chris Head (R-Roanoke): 804-698-1017
Sponsor: Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington): 804-698-1047
Del. Kaye Kory (D-Falls Church): 804-698-1038
Del. Lynwood Lewis (D-Accomac): 804-698-1000
Del. Alfonso Lopez (D-Arlington): 804-698-1049
Del. Don Merricks (R-Danville): 804-698-1016
Del. Will Morefield (R-North Tazewell): 804-698-1003
Del. Rick Morris (R-Carrollton): 804-698-1064
Del. Israel O’Quinn (R-Bristol): 804-698-1005
Del. Nick Rush (R-Christiansburg): 804-698-1007
Del. Beverly Sherwood (R-Winchester): 804-698-1029
Del. Scott Surovell (D-Fairfax): 804-698-1044
Del. Roslyn Tyler (D-Jarratt): 804-698-1075
Del. Michael Webert (R-Marshall): 804-698-1018
Del. Tony Wilt (R-Harrisonburg: 804-698-1026
Del. Tommy Wright (R-Victoria): 804-698-1061


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