…if gender is at least somewhat social, if gender is, as natalie puts it, a communicative function, i feel comfortable saying what other nonbinary folks are saying. we can say it together and i don’t feel the need to make myself really stand out. i don’t feel the need to emphasize our differences. well, i guess i don’t feel the need to emphasize our differences gender-wise, though i have great respect for our other differences…

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The above is an excerpt from a post by Mx. Punk that’s pretty interesting. The idea of gender as a “communicative function” strikes me as a unique and accurate assessment that I’d like to explore/see explored further. Its also nice to hear someone echo back my own feelings about finding a community  and a space where a non-binary gender can move beyond simply being a negation of one’s assigned gender (identifying ways and places in which you don’t belong) and into being a more fully fledged form of self expression (one that can be identified for what it is rather than only what it is not), because that’s definitely how I feel about myself and my gender in my own community.



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