Menstrual Cups

[TW: menstruation] though I feel like that should be obvious with the title…

So menstruation and methods of dealing with it are not things I usually write about because menstruation makes me highly dysphoric and I’d rather ignore it all together and pretend that it never happens to me. Funny enough, that just so happens to be why I’m writing this post.

I bought a menstrual cup, specifically a diva cup (these are available in some stores where I live and not just online) a little over a year ago and it has probably been the #1 best thing I have done for my dysphoria. I can go for 12 whole hours without having to worry or think about bleeding/spotting/leaking or changing anything out. I don’t have to carry around pads  or tampons as an inescapable marker of my gender, I don’t ever have to buy them again and I don’t have to worry about running out of them. I can be totally naked and you can’t tell I’m using it. Basically, I love it because it erases all of the stress and anxiety and allows me to pretend its not happening and before I know it, it’s over.

I guess I just wanted to put this out there because I know that there have to be other people who feel the way I do about menstruation and if this helps me it might help someone else.


Mooncup or MCUK

The Keeper



2 thoughts on “Menstrual Cups

  1. this is pretty much how i feel about my diva cup. i get to pretend i’m not even bleeding for about 12 hours at a time. and by day 3, i admit to only emptying the cup every 24 hours. also, it almost eliminates the whole “eeeeeeew” part for me.

    the only drawbacks are the price and the fact that you have to able to actually stick your fingers up your pussy without dying of dysphoria.

    sweet post. i was thinking of writing a post like this, but you beat me to it. i might still write my own review of the diva cup just to add my voice and shit.

  2. Yeah, I definitely had to talk myself into buying it because it seemed like kind of a lot of money to spend all in one go on that kind of thing, but its totally worth it cuz its probably saved my sanity several times over by now and they last for like 10 years, so in the long run its waaay cheaper than the cost of 10 years worth of tampons and shit.


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