So I read this article that was published in NY Magazine.

My initial reaction upon seeing the title was, “oh, cool! Non-binary visibility!” because I’m pretty sure this is a first. To my knowledge there’s never been an article about non-binary people in a mainstream publication. Then after reading a bit I was kind miffed to discover that the author had found out about non-binary gendered people via tumblr.

Fucking tumblr, the absolute worst place to be if you’re actually trying to self-educate about anything even mildly related to social justice. I just wanted to throw Judith Butler at her (the author). Tumblr is a giant flame-war with teams full of arrogant PC-er than thou white knights pouring out their righteous anger and condescension over their keyboards who’s only experience as activists is yelling at people over the internet, it is NOT educational. If you want an education about non-binary/genderqueer/trans* read post-modern gender theory (which you can’t find on tumblr) and then seek out our communities in your geographic area, offline. (this touches on a much broader rant that I have yet to write about how you have to live at the intersection of theory and practice/lived experience.)

My final reaction was, “meh”. The article is, as a whole, well meaning and positive, the author doesn’t really understand and muddles a lot of things, but she means well and isn’t any more incidentally cissexist than any other cis person who’s written about trans* people.


NOTE: One or more of the commenters mentions the fact that all of the people interviewed were DFAB and asserts that this must be because of internalized sexism. This is bullshit, stemming from the assumption that non-binary/genderqueer people are only or predominantly DFAB. There are plenty of DMAB non-binary/genderqueer people, but the narratives of DFAB people are privileged over those of DMAB people because of patriarchy and transmisogyny.


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