All I Really Want Is A House Full Of Trans* Kids

Almost a year ago now I moved into an anarchist collective here in my town and lived there for four months. I really enjoyed it and I find that living collectively with other activists can be really useful, and motivating and because spaces like these have so much potential.

Anyway, I’m moving again soon and I really want to live in a house with all trans*/genderqueer/gender non-conforming people. More specifically I want to start a collective living space for gender non-conforming activists to organize in and run projects out of. I just keep imagining all the possibilities for projects that could happen or be restarted (a lot of the projects from the collective I used to live in have become defunct since the place is slowly dissolving due to one person’s abusive behavior). I’m also hoping that ideally it could be a space where young people who have been ostracized from their families because of their gender and/or sexuality could come and stay for a period of time while they figure things out.

My town is a pretty queer town, but you wouldn’t know that unless you’re already part of the radical community or working with some of the older mainstream organizers and NGOs/non-profits here. There’s just not a whole lot of trans*/queer visibility or projects that cater specifically to that demographic for the number of trans* and queer people in this town. The ones that exist have a mainstream, white, middle class, gay and lesbian focus and kind of leave the rest of us out in the cold. I want a space for militant anti-assimilationist queer and trans* organizing that recognizes intersectionality and promotes visibility. I also want roommates. and a house.


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