An Open Letter to Butthurt White Liberals – Little Black Girl in a Digital World

(For clarification: I am not a person of color, I am white. I am reblogging this because its fucking awesome.)

Nobody cares about you or your feelings. Straight up.

Nobody cares that you feel excluded, no one cares that talking about race makes you uncomfortable.

Nobody cares that you constantly walk around in abject fear of PoC because you fear retribution for the atrocities that were committed against them in the past.

Because guess what? No matter how “excluded” you feel, no matter how much your whiteness feels threatened EVERY TIME a PoC speaks about their LIVED EXPERIENCE, no matter how many times your idiotic theories about how everyone is equal now and that we live in a colorblind society are shot down, YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO BE A PERSON OF COLOR IN THIS COUNTRY.

It is far past time for us to be coddling your useless asses, trying to be a part of your “liberal” exclusionary ass movements.

OWS tried to derail the Trayvon Martin Rally into Zucotti Park for their own selfish means. This boy was shot in the back on a residential street by a racist piece of shit, and YOU’RE TRYING TO MAKE THIS SHIT ABOUT YOU? Fuck an OWS. Seriously.

The Gay movement routinely ignores queers of color and transgender folk- until a vote is coming up. About gay marriage, which has no bearing on your life if 1. You cant fucking AFFORD to be married or 2. People are trying to (and too often succeeding) KILL YOU.

The women’s movement doesn’t seem to understand the fact that I can be a woman, and Black at the same time. Or that this intersectionality in my identity means that I face a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT set of issues and oppression.

If I can’t speak my mind without being labelled angry, then you can fuck off. Because I am angry, and anger is a legitimate reaction to UNENDING BULLSHIT.

When I speak about whiteness, privilege, racism, homophobia, etc I’m not here to hold your fucking hand or play nice. Because best believe if I said some out of pocket shit, ya’ll would be all UP my ass.

These things affect me in too real of a way to not get mad. My life is NOT your next thesis, and I do not live in your hippy-dippy fantasy world where everyone is equal and the system works. That has become ABUNDANTLY clear in the past month.

So I reiterate: Nobody cares about your feelings. If you feel as though your place as an ally is to preach at PoC without being able to take an honest critique of your world views, then kindly step the fuck off and stop wasting everyone’s time.

I might get an onslaught of hate from this post and I don’t care. If you take issue with any of this, please, feel free to inbox me.

All it does is prove all of the above true. Because if it doesn’t apply to you, then you won’t be upset.


A Fed Up Black Lesbian who wants real allies, not people looking to indulge in their white savior complex.

p.s.- I see you real allies. Keep keepin’ it real, you guys have a special place in my heart

via Little Black Girl in a Digital World.


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