Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival

Better known as MWMF or MichFest and honestly, I’d never heard of it until this year though apparently its been happening every August since 1976. When I read the website it sounded super rad and positive, and I really wish that I could be excited about it, but MWMF has a transmisogynistic attendance policy, only “womyn-born-womyn” are allowed to attend. Women-only spaces are important, just like POC-only spaces, queer-only spaces, and trans-only spaces, but trans* women ARE women and have every right to be in women only spaces, this is non-negotiable.

Its really frustrating when people who I should feel some sense of allyship towards (in that we are fighting some of the same oppressions) also manage to  turn right around and be oppressive dickwads towards another oppressed group whose liberation I am also struggling for. Feminism is really important to me, and I don’t want to give up on it. The feminist movement is fucking important because being a woman/being perceived as female is undeniably a position of disprivilege, but I cannot ignore that it has a legacy of racism, classism and transphobia/transmisogyny. So if I am not going to give up on feminism I feel like I have a responsibility to critique it and its proponents when they fuck up, which seems to be pretty much always when it comes to radfems and trans* issues. I feel like, for me this is especially important, because as a FAAB person I am in a position of privilege when dealing with feminists that trans* women most decidedly are not, since they are the most frequent target of transphobic feminist rhetoric.

So, Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, you fucked up. Big time. You are still, currently,  fucking up. Cut the bullshit, and quit being cissexist assholes. I think that the only reason I’m not screaming mad over this is because festivals and gatherings and such aren’t really something I’m interested in and just generally lie beyond the sphere of things I care about.


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