Every time I see an article about the murder of another trans* woman I feel this terrible dread. Not in relation to my own safety, as I am not a trans woman, but for the people in my life who are trans feminine. These people are very important to me and frankly, sometimes I’m scared as shit that something is going to happen to them. As far as being trans* goes, it is probably most dangerous to be a trans woman/on the trans feminine spectrum. Knowing the statistics, knowing the life expectancy for trans* people in this country, and knowing that trans women bear the brunt of the violence directed at trans* people makes me very aware of just how dangerous it is for the people I care about to just be themselves.  I see those articles and I feel like the only thing separating the people in my life from the women in those article is luck (and white privilege), and that’s terrifying (and also evidence of just one more way that our society is incredibly racist).

Five trans* women of color have died this year, that’s an average of one a month. What the fuck is wrong with this country? I shouldn’t have to be crossing my fingers hoping that some of my closest friends make it to their next birthdays.


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