Assigned Gender

I’m kind of conflicted about whether or not to reveal my assigned gender on this blog. On the one hand, I really like the fact that, on the internet, I can actually make a space for myself where I don’t feel gendered or misgendered, it’s something that’s practically impossible in the real world and it’s really a relief to be able to express myself without constantly battling people’s perception of my gender.

However, on the other hand, I really can’t fully explain most of the things I wanted to be able to write about on this blog without revealing the gender I was assigned at birth. There’s really no way for me to talk about my dysphoria without giving it away, and I want to be able to talk about dysphoria, among other things.The whole purpose of this blog was to provide another non-binary trans* perspective about personal experiences because I really feel like there aren’t enough personal accounts from non-binary people that are widely available on the internet. I suppose the crux of it is that I feel like I can’t really provide the personal perspective I would like to without revealing my assigned gender, but I’m kind of loathe to open up one of my few truly genderless spaces to the possibility of gendering/misgendering.

I suppose its really somewhat of a foregone conclusion, I cannot extricate my perspective and experiences from my assigned gender,(as it is the way most people perceive me and therefore affects how they treat me and how I experience dysphoria, oppression and privilege) and I can’t allow that to prevent me from doing what I set out to do with this blog, which is to share my experiences as fully as possible. So, decision made.


3 thoughts on “Assigned Gender

  1. I have found that everyone who comments on my blog honors my gender as I express it and not my birth gender.
    I think it is a matter of respect… you respect how they present themselves and they will respect your choice.
    Just be true to yourself, your thoughts, your experiences, your feelings; everything else will fall into place and you will find a warm welcome among people who understand.

  2. I struggled with the same question, but eventually had to “give away the answer” because a lot of my experience is in a frame of reference to my birth gender – especially the physical parts, which I refer to a lot.

    However, on some speaking engagements that I’ve had, I sometimes end up NOT revealing my birth gender at all, which is surprising (given we are talking about trans stuff and being trans). Eventually someone will ask, which is a big complement given my goal is to be “ambiguous.”


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